Hub Foundation has a fleet of equipment that can meet any drilling need. The following is a partial list of Hub's specialized drilling equipment.

Drill Rigs

Large Diameter Drill Rigs

Hub Foundation owns 11 cutting-edge European drill rigs from Soilmec, ranging from the 312 to the SR-100, capable of drilling holes from 2 feet to over 11 feet in diameter and over 220 feet deep. We also have the SR-45, 518,SR-65, 825, SR-90 and 930 rigs to drill everything in between. Along with the Soilmec drill rigs, Hub owns a Lo-Dril for low overhead drilling.


SR-90 & 930


Large Diameter Drill Rig

Large Diameter Drill Rig

Large Diameter Drill Rig

The SR-65 is a 65 metric ton machine that we have fitted with a low headroom attachment; it’s capable of drilling in 20 feet of headroom.

The Soilmec SR-90 and 930 are 90 metric ton machines typically used for shafts up to 10 feet diameter and as deep as 220 feet.

The Soilmec SR-100 is the largest crawler-mounted drill rig offered by Soilmec. We use it for projects where extreme power and mass is required, or in unique situations where line pull is required to remove casings without spinning or vibrating.

Small Diameter Drill Rigs

Hub Foundation owns more than 10 cutting edge European mini pile rigs, ranging from a Soilmec PSM-1350 to a Casagrande C-16 and we are capable of drilling mini piles  from 5" to 24" in diameter. Our American made electric and diesel Davey Kent drill rigs are able to work inside existing buildings, drill mini piles, tie backs and rock anchors.

Cat 345
with a Camacchio drillhead

Casagrande C-16

Small Diameter Drill Rig


Small Diameter Drill Rig

Small Diameter Drill Rig

This custom drill rig is a Caterpillar 345L with a minipile mast mounted at the end of the boom. This machine has a full kinematic knuckle between the boom and the mast which allows the machine to drill in virtually any position. The mast is equipped with a carousel which allows the drill operator to service the drill rig from the remote. This machine is able to reach up to 28 feet above grade and reach 20 feet out from the tracks. Combined with the carousel, this machine can drill where most machines can reach without putting the crew in harms way.

The Casagrande C-16 is the largest of the small diameter drill rigs in our fleet. This machine has a mast over 70 feet long and is able to install up to a 50 foot length of drill casing in one piece. This machine has the capability of installing drilled piles ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches in diameter.  Equipped with a index rack that can hold over 100 feet of drill steel and a large manipulator for loading drill casing, this machine is the right piece of equipment for any large project with no headroom restrictions.

The DK-515 allows for microdrilling in as low as 8' of headroom, and lower under certain circumstances. Hub's three Dk-515s have been customized for efficiency and have been used for some of the most challenging indoor and limited access drilling projects in the area.

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