Hub Foundation owns 10 cutting-edge European drill rigs from Soilmec, ranging from a PSM-1350 capable of drilling mini piles, to the SR-100, capable of drilling holes over 11 feet in diameter and over 220 feet deep.

Along with the Soilmec drill rigs, Hub owns a Lo-Dril for low overhead drilling, and a Davey Kent and Krupp for drilled mini piles, tiebacks and rock anchors.

Soilmec SR-90

Soilmec SR-90The Soilmec SR-90 is a 90 Metric Ton machine and next generation of the classic Soilmec R-930

Soilmec 930

Soilmec 930The Soilmec 930, 90 Metric Ton machine typically used for shafts up to 10' diameter and as deep as 220'.

Soilmec SR-100

Soilmec SR-100The Soilmec SR-100 is the largest crawler mounted drill rig offered by Soilmec. Used for projects where extreme power and mass is required, or unique situations where line pull is required to remove casings without sprinning or vibrating.

PSM 1350

Soilmec 930The PSM 1350 is a microdrill used for micropiles, tiebacks, and rock anchors.


KruppThe Krupp is used for soilnails and short tiebacks using a drifter head.


DK-515The DK-515 allows for microdrilling in as low as 8' of headroom, and lower under certain circumstances. Hub's three Dk-515s have been customized for effiency and have been used for some of the most challenging indoor and limited access drilling projects in the area.