Hub Foundation has over five decades of experience working on large scale projects throughout the Northeast.


Drilling in tight confines

Moxy Hotel

Boston, MA

Hub specializes in providing deep foundation solutions in very tight site confines that require thorough logistical coordination between us, the owners, and the GC. On this project, we were constantly monitoring the neighboring properties while managing the tooling and casing to drill 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 foot diameter shafts in the theater district of downtown Boston for The Moxy Hotel, part of the Marriott group.

Downtown Boston

Bullfinch Place

One Congress Street, Boston, MA

Hub is capable of providing many deep foundation techniques; on Bullfinch Place we are installing SOE, LBEs, slurry walls, drilled shafts, and drilled mini piles, all on one constrained urban site for a new building in downtown Boston.

Complex bridge work

Woods Memorial Bridge

Medford, MA

Hub was contracted to install drilled shafts up to 165 feet long, integrated pile driving and secant pile wall foundation, SOE, and high capacity drilled mini piles for the replacement of two bridges in Medford, Massachusetts. This project required us to work in close proximity to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, public transportation, and bridge demolition. Hub successfully negotiated these restrictions on a three-phase job for MassDOT, which owns the bridges themselves and owns the general contractor on the job, the MBTA. Some of the more interesting challenges Hub performed on this project were six bidirectional axial load tests, environmentally friendly construction techniques to protect the water, and remote spoil handling and water disposal.

Bridge Support

Memorial Bridge

Portsmouth, NH - Kittery, ME

The Memorial Bridge for US Rt. 1 over the Pistataqua River included 11 drilled shafts for the Kittery approach, 8 drilled shafts for the Scott Ave. approach, and 74 micropiles drilled through the existing piers to support the new structure. The project was completed between April and December of 2012.

Deep Foundations

The Broad Institute

Cambridge, MA

The Broad Institute required the installation of 27 drilled shafts and 13 micropiles in a lot adjacent to an existing parking structure, with an additional 55 micropiles drilled with limited access and low headroom in the basement of the existing parking structure to support supercolumns. A 650-ton pile load test was performed on a 9⅝ inch micropile to verify the innovative pile design utilized in the project. Combined, the foundation elements support a new 18 story structure both adjacent to and above the parking structure. Hub completed the project in July 2012 and it was featured in the September / October 2013 issue of DFI's Deep Foundations magazine.

Challenging Terrain

Logan Airport

Boston, MA

MassPort required the replacement of a light pier 800' out into the Boston Harbor. Hub was contracted to install 7' diameter drilled shafts for eight piers, off of a barge, with difficult soil conditions and very hard rock. Hub was able to accomplish this project by using our in-house expertise and drilled mini pile division to design, drill, and place a template with pipes seated into the rock, so that we could finish installing the shafts in accordance with the plane and specifications.

Hub Foundation Co., Inc.

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