Drilled in place H-Beams or Drilled Micropiles (DMPs) are used in conjunction with lagging, walers and tie-backs for support of excavation and earth retaining systems. Drilled and placed H-Beams accommodate drilling through obstructions, dense till and bedrock while obtaining the necessary embedment required for these applications, where driving or vibrating a beam is not possible. H-Beams can be placed to high tolerances due to the ability to adjust the location before placing the concrete in the hole. Flowable fill is typically used to fill the excavation from top of concrete to grade after the H-Beam and concrete are placed. This fill provides safety to ground crews and allows for efficient excavation and lagging. H-Beams can be installed using a vibratory hammer provided the soil conditions and neighborhood are conducive to such a method. The use of DMPs for SOE can be very effective for limited access, low overhead, and efficient and timely installs. In many cases multiple techniques are uses for a single site due to diverse soil and rock conditions.