Hub Foundation has a large array of specialized equipment to tackle any job. We are also an industry leader in the design and deployment of custom tooling to solve the most demanding real-world engineering problems.



In addition to the following pieces of equipment, Hub Foundation designs and welds augers to withstand the Boston tills, hard granite, and Roxbury Puddingstone. We also design and build our own drilling buckets up to 10 feet in diameter with attachable wings, strong enough to handle the torque from the largest of our drill rigs and still efficiently remove the soil and clean the shafts.


Hub Foundation owns some of the most sophisticated vibratory hammers on the market. We have a variable moment hammer that allows us to vibrate casing down with minimal vibrations, keeping surrounding structures safer. We also own an APE King Kong, capable of vibrating a 12 foot diameter casing into the ground. There are other hammers in our fleet as well, allowing us to use the appropriately sized hammer for the project.

Variable Moment Hammer

APE King Kong

The APE variable moment hammer limits vibration during the start and stop of the hammer by phasing in and out the eccentric weights.

The APE King Kong (400) vibratory hammer has driven casing up to 90 feet long on projects such as the Chelsea St. Bridge, and was used to drive 80 foot long casings to bedrock on the Bates Bridge Replacement.



We use our oscillator when vibrations must be kept to a minimum and casing is necessary to keep a hole open. One of the few in the USA, Hub’s oscillator is capable of oscillating up to two meters in diameter with 700mm, 1000mm and 1300mm joints. Depending on the soil conditions, we can oscillate casing down over 100 feet.

Hub Foundation owns numerous diameters of Leffer double wall casing with casing joints. This is a tool we use in our secant and tangent pile drilling and with our oscillator in unstable soils where we are unable to use a vibratory hammer.


Hub Foundation can drill with either polymer or bentonite slurry, depending on the soils we are drilling through. Members of our team have been sent to training classes on proper slurry mixing, using, and disposal. We put our bentonite skills to use when we are on top-down construction jobs that require a bentonite cement mix at the top to allow for easy removal when excavating around our shafts to the bottom elevation. We use our polymer drilling skills when we are drilling through Boston clays and argillite.

BC 35 CUTTER/Hydromill & Bauer MC 96


The Bauer diaphragm wall cutter has a trench length of 9.2' and is mounted on a MC 96 duty cycle crane with a lifting capacity of 130T.

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