Hub’s team is an
industry leader in innovative techniques
for foundation services

Low headroom micropile installation

Hub Foundation has many drill rigs with low headroom configurations to allow for deep installation of high capacity micropiles in all low headroom conditions. We have customized pumps, tanks, and spoil-handling equipment to minimize our on site footprint and maximize our drilling capacity.

HIgh capacity micropile load testing

Hub Foundation provides value with custom pile design to maximize the load each pile takes in order to minimize the cost for the client. We test our piles to prove the integrity of the design. We have dedicated equipment and personnel to conduct load tests in multiple configurations and challenging site conditions. One test on 9⅝” pile exceeded 1600 tons. Our strain gauges and automatic data logging plot the results in real time to provide a thorough understanding of test pile performance.

Polymer Slurry drilled shaft excavation

Geological conditions in the Boston area allow for drilled shaft excavation under polymer slurry. Other methods require more casing and bigger equipment which reduces efficiency on small sites. Utilizing slurry for drilled shaft excavation provides shorter schedule duration, faster concrete installation, and more flexibility in urban settings.

Spoil handling capabilities

The management and disposal of drill spoil is a challenge for site contractors. Hub has invested millions of dollars and hours of research to incorporate various methods to facilitate drill spoil collection and disposal. Our centrifuges and spoil handling services provide value to the client by reducing the volume of spoil and its water content for easy disposal.