Safety is our top priority

Hub Foundation has a comprehensive commitment to safety from every laborer in the field to the management in the office and the mechanics in the shop. Our commitment to safety requires continual training, communication, and dedication. Our union workforce is highly trained and highly specialized in the work that we do. We foster our commitment to safety on a daily basis and emphasize the responsibility to stop work if an unsafe act or condition arises. At Hub Foundation we want every employee to be able to work in a safe environment.


We plan ahead for safety in each phase of every project. Still, every employee at Hub Foundation has the responsibility to stop work given an unforeseen circumstance: “if you see something, say something.” Our safety programs and training govern how we conduct our business. This commitment is how we have come to be recognized as a corporation whose personnel and leadership exemplify collaboration and trust in the service of safety.

Excellence & Integrity

Hub Foundation’s safety and health practices are built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity in our personnel and procedures. Safety has always been an integral part of every day at Hub Foundation, from regular training to toolbox talks. Our crews engage in regular training for the most up-to-date standards. Each person at Hub is part of a greater team working towards a common goal of exceptional work in the safest manner.

Shane Sweeney

Director of Safety

Safety is a critical component of Hub Foundation’s success, and all of our employees share that responsibility. Our Director of Safety, Shane Sweeney, helps foster that culture for our crews. Shane keeps Hub in compliance with the latest recommendations and guidelines from OSHA and other governing bodies. He works closely with general contractors and is a resource for all employees on any health or safety matter. Shane has a wide breadth of experience in the heavy civil construction industry with over 27 years in the field.

Shane works with our superintendents and crews to identify and eliminate risks. Each site is subjected to rigorous safety audits and evaluations. We plan for every eventuality, yet conditions do change, and we are able to respond immediately thanks to continued training and our proactive safety mindset.