33 Congress Street

Boston, MA

Fidelity had previously owned this classic bank building in downtown Boston and the new owners wanted to completely gut and renovate this structure with added floors on top. New foundations were required for the super column structures and micropiles were really the only option. A new elevator core area was demolished in the center of the building and we were able to squeeze in our high headroom Casagrande C-8 to throw in nearly 100 high capacity core wall micropiles. It was surreal to navigate drill rigs through old bank vaults and posh meeting rooms, but Hub drills where drilling must be done! In addition to extreme low head room and restricted access, one particular challenge was working in close proximity to the aforementioned demolition activities. Scheduling drilling and demolition can be particularly challenging with the potential variables each subcontractor faces, and dovetailing the two activities to allow for safe completion of each task required constant communication and often some schedule sacrifices.

  • Davey Kent 515
  • Davey Kent 525
  • Casagrande C-8