Encore Casino

Everett, MA
Suffolk Construction - General Contractor

Every deep foundation company in Boston can post on their website about the Encore Casino. A tremendous amount of deep foundation work was completed in a short time and every contractor met or beat the schedule required by the project. The local foundation workforce should be proud that we could put that much equipment and expertise to work collaboratively. After the pile driving, slurry walls, tie backs, micropiles, and mass excavation came Hub with a schedule-critical task: we had to install a total of 367 rock anchors. The design capacity ranged from 282 to 772 kips and consisted of up to 28 strand tendons. We completed the work at the lowest level of the future parking garage in a huge “bathtub.” Along the way we dealt with the artesian pressures in the fractured rock, coordinating the drilling behind the pouring of the slabs, and staying ahead of the decks being formed behind the drilling operation. We completed this technically demanding project in less than four months utilizing up to four drill rigs working six days per week through the cold winter. A paper on this project was presented at IFCEE 2019 and it is the cover story of the August/September 2021 issue of ADSC Foundation Drilling Magazine.