One Post Office Square

Boston, MA

Hub recently completed 123 foundation micropiles at One Post Office Square. The micropiles had a capacity of 300 tons in compression and 100 ton in tension. A pile load test was performed up to 600 tons in compression at the lower slab. In addition, 35 micropiles were installed to underpin the existing concrete foundation walls and provide the support of excavation required to complete the pile caps. Work was completed from the lowest level of the garage, approximately 20 feet below Oliver Street.  The drill rigs, Mantis crane, and test frame were all hoisted into the lower slab using a 550 ton crane.

Hub mobilized a low headroom drill rig to externally support the existing garage wall allowing for the removal of the garage floor slabs. Once removed this demolition of the floors slabs enabled Hub’s micropile team to install the high capacity micropiles with fewer headroom restrictions.