Quincy Pelletizing Plant

Quincy, MA
MWRA - Owner
Walsh Construction Co. - General Contractor

Hub installed a series of three-foot diameter shafts for a new elevated pipeline along an existing pier that carried rail traffic. We used our Soilmec SR-45 to drill out granite block obstructions along the rail line in the old Quincy Shipyard. The historic shipyard is the birth for the U.S.S. Salem, which, at 717 feet, was the last heavy cruiser in existence and is part of the United States Shipbuilding Museum. The pipeline, which serves the MWRA’s fertilizer pelletization plant, was designed on drilled shafts that were supported by dense glacial till. Our team drilled through the old pier to install those shafts while allowing night trains to travel where we mobilized each day, staying on schedule and budget.