Logan Airport Light Pier

Boston, MA
MassPort - Owner
McCourt Construction - General Contractor 

Massport replaced Logan Airport’s wooden approach light pier jutting over 700 feet into Boston Harbor. The design called for nine steel-cased shafts, each seven feet in diameter and on 90 foot centers, drilled into 12 feet of bedrock. These shafts support the new massive precast concrete pier that holds the approach lights to help guide aircraft onto the runway. Using micropile supported falsework and drilling off multiple barges, Hub completed a double-shift, time-sensitive project with harsh weather conditions and boat-only access. To complete each shaft we had to pump tremie concrete on an engineered trestle across 800 feet of water.

  • Two Soilmec R-930 Drill Rigs
  • Liebherr 895 Crane
  • Casagrande C-7 Drill Rig